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As direct marketing continues to evolve and mailing techniques become even more sophisticated, not all mailing houses will have the ability to create highly personalised mailing pieces, which is paramount for successful campaigns. 

When you select your mailing house you should ask yourself if they have intelligent people and intelligent systems “the clever stuff” 

Here at VDP Direct, the clever stuff is a job requirement. Many of our brightest innovations date back to a client’s need that no one else could solve……until we did. 

Our progressive nature ensures that as direct mail techniques evolve, we will always be at the forefront, and you will have the most effective solutions at your fingertips. 

Do your prospects know where you’re located?

We can help you unleash the power of one-to-one marketing with individually personalised direct mail pieces using variable images & maps.

Along with your sales message, your communications can now include a colourful personalised map.

Not just any old generic map showing where you’re located, but a totally unique one-of-a-kind map showing for example, how your customer or prospect gets from their home or office to your front door!

Just how personal do you want to get?

It is a fact that the more you personalise direct mail to make more relevant to the recipient, the more effective it becomes resulting in increased response.

Our variable data printing will enable you to communicate with your customers in a truly personal and relevant way. Tailoring the mail content to the customers predicted preferences.

At its simplest, a product message or an image may be replaced by another one more relevant to each recipient. At its most sophisticated, the entire communication can be customised to your customer. 

Put a smile on their face!

Direct Type is our exciting new image personalisation service, which quite literally can put a smile on your customer’s faces.

You can create eye catching mailshots that use the latest image personalisation software to create personalised images that are uniquely tailored to individual customers.

We take the names from your customer database and simply integrate them into your chosen image template or photograph.

Why use real postage stamps?

Most people would agree that there is an increased probability of getting your direct mail letter opened if a postage stamp is used instead of a PPI.

But many people are unaware that affixing & cancelling postage stamps can be a highly cost effective process if handled by the right mailing house.

You wont lose your Mailsort discounts as we can enclose your envelopes maintaining your Mailsort sequence and it won’t be labour intensive & expensive as we have the machinery to affix and cancel postage stamps on the envelopes

Why not personalise your booklets?

We can offer you a high speed and cost effective personalised binder making service

Not only can we can we collate, stitch, fold & trim your booklets simultaneously using our advanced finishing & fulfillment equipment, but we can personalise them for you as well.

Your booklets, questionnaires or application forms can be personalised with sequential numbering, bar codes, names & addresses or indeed anything that you provide us with in your contact data files.

“We will provide you with the best mailing solutions”

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