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Variable Data Printing

Just how personal do you want to get?

It is a fact that the more you personalise direct mail to make it more relevant to the recipient, the more effective it becomes, resulting in increased response.

Relevance creates engagement…….engagement creates response!

Variable data printing in direct mail enables you to communicate with your customers in a truly personal and relevant way. Tailoring the mail content to the customers predicted preferences.

At its simplest, variable data printing allows a product message or an image to be replaced by another one more relevant to each recipient.

At its most sophisticated, variable data printing allows the entire communication can be customised to your customer.

Offers, products, back ground images, logos, local maps etc can all be variably included. The only limit is your imagination and the segmented customer data available in your database.

Templates are designed to your requirements, production is fully automated and you benefit from centralised production & postage costs, meaning your bespoke marketing communications will cost you less than you might think.

Here is an example of how we can link variable content in your mailing to the segmented data held within your customer data:

A car manufacturer could mail their customer database with a new vehicle launch offer, tailoring the mailing content according to the customer information held on their database, for example:

  • Different vehicle models linked to purchase history
  • Free insurance offer linked to age
  • Free petrol offer linked to mileage
  • Extended warranty offer linked to service history
  • Location of nearest dealership

Using our clever software linked to our advanced colour digital printers, your variable content can use photos, images and maps for a truly personal result.

VDP Direct can also offer you a complete range of data processing services that will help prepare your customer database for the use of dynamic content in direct mail.

So if you want to get close and personal, then get in touch with VDP Direct today!

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