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Postage Stamp Cancelling

Why use real postage stamps?

Most people would agree that there is an increased probability of getting your direct mail letter opened if a postage stamp is used instead of a PPI.

But many people are unaware that it can be a highly cost effective process if handled by a mailing house that has automated postage stamp cancelling machinery.

If I use postage stamp cancelling, will I lose my Business Mail discounts?  

No you wont, we can enclose your envelopes maintaining your Business Mail sortation sequence.

If I use postage stamp canceling, will it be labour intensive & expensive?  

No it won’t, we have the machinery to affix and cancel postage stamps on the envelopes

Is it not difficult to obtain postage stamps in large quantities?  

No it isn’t, we can obtain reels of 10,000 delivered direct and securely from Royal Mail

How does it work?

We print and mechanically enclose your campaign envelopes on our machinery in the normal way, maintaining Royal Mail’s Business Mail sortation sequence.

Then using our high speed Kirk-Rudy stamper equipped with enprinter, we can mechanically affix postage stamps and immediately cancel them, ready for bagging and presentation to Royal Mail. So you don’t lose your postal discounts.

No damaged or lost envelopes from the postage stamp cancelling process and no Royal Mail fees to pay.

So if you want to find out more about postage stamp cancelling, get in touch with VDP Direct today!

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