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Variable Images and Maps

Do your prospects know where you are located?

We can help you unleash the power of one-to-one marketing with individually personalised
direct mail pieces using Variable Images and Maps.

Along with your sales message, your communications can now include a colourfulpersonalised map.

Not just any old generic map showing where you’re located, but a totally unique one-of-a-kind map showing for example, how your customer or prospect gets from their home or office to your front door!

These attention-grabbing variable images and maps break through the clutter of generic mail and deliver personal information needed to find you and even include special offers specifically tailored to them based on, for example their purchasing history or preferences.

Personalised images and maps are totally variable and are driven by the information you hold on your customer or prospects database and can include:

  • Home or office address
  • Past purchases
  • Preferences
  • Age & gender
  • Lifestyle

We can develop almost any kind of map images and apply whatever rules you wish to customise your mailing piece with. As long as your customer data files contain the relevant information then we can use it.

Proximity counts. You can increase your direct mail response rates with personalised images and maps that guide them for example, to straight to their nearest:

  • Car dealership
  • Dental Practitioner
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Branch
  • Bank
  • DIY store

You can even include dynamic content

A national estate agent for example, can include dynamic content within the personalise map. As well as showing the location of their nearest branch, they can also show on the map the value of the recently sold homes near the recipient’s address.

VDP Direct can also offer you a complete range of data processing services that will help prepare your customer database for variable images & maps personalisation.

So if you want to use variable images & maps to increase your response rates,  then get in touch with VDP Direct today!

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