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Direct mail is a powerful communication tool that, if badly produced, can destroy a company’s reputation. Mistakes or delays with your direct mail are not just annoying, but can damage your brand and cost you money!

So we take the accuracy of your mailing job very seriously and that’s why we have invested a great deal of time and effort to develop highly effective client mailing processes managed by a highly effective job control system.

We maintain high degrees of precision in direct mail, by systematically monitoring & evaluating each step in your mailing project, ensuring that exacting standards of precision are being attained throughout.

One of the principles included in our direct mail quality assurance is “right first time” So the opportunity for errors in your mail is eliminated using our robust mailing procedures.

It may seem obvious that robust protocols in direct mail production are imperative. But if you were about to embark on commissioning a mailing house, would you know what quality controls to expect?

You can be completely confident that VDP Direct has a meticulous and exacting approach to maintaining high standards of precision in direct mail throughout your job.

“Completing your project exactly to the standards you expect”



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