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Local Government Sector  

Who we work with in local government: 

  • County Councils
  • City Councils
  • Borough Councils
  • District Councils 

What we mail for local government: 

  • Council tax bills
  • Tenant communications
  • Postal consultations
  • Council magazines
  • Householder information
  • Recycling schedules 

Benefits of working with VDP Direct:

Improving service levels & reducing costs

The Local Government sector is one of the largest users of direct mail in the UK and as part of the transformation programmes running throughout the country, local authorities are looking for ways to improve service levels whilst making efficiencies. 

As a professional mailing house, there are a number of ways that we can help you to improve your service levels and reduce your costs:

All our processes & systems are geared to provide you with a highly professional mailing house service that is fast & reliable; whilst at the same time saving you money! 

Many local authorities understand that outsourcing their mailings to a professional mailing house like VDP Direct is the way forward. So contact us now and ask us for a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Supporting your communication & engagement strategy 

We can support your communication & engagement strategy, helping you inform residents of the services you provide and more effectively get the key messages across to your audience.

Choosing the right communication channel can be critical when considering a diverse audience which may be hard to reach or disconnected from certain media channels. 

This can especially be the case when delivering a sensitive communication or a complex message, so that’s why direct mail can be a powerful tool to support your communications strategy. 

Our experienced mailing experts are here to offer you useful advice on data processing, production specifics, routing optimisation and ways to make significant savings on your postage costs. 

Sustainable Mail 

VDP Direct is a mailing house that complies with the requirements of environmentally responsible mailing ‘Sustainable Mail’. 

This has been designed to help increase the use of environmentally friendly materials in mailing, whilst reducing the amount of mail in the waste system. 

We comply with “Sustainable Mail” standards by: 

  • Adopting the very best data techniques to avoid waste from poorly targeted mail.
  • Using sustainable materials, processes and suppliers to improve the overall environmental performance of our mailings.
  • Designing mailing items that can be easily collected through local council collections, increasing the potential for mail recipients to recycle, avoiding the use of landfill.

These initiatives help strengthen our long-term commitment to green credentials as well as increasing the levels of recycling and ensure that our mailings are produced in a responsible manner.

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