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Publishing Sector 

Who we work with in the publishing sector:

  • Publishers
  • Printers 

What we mail in the publishing sector:

  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Periodicals
  • Newsletters

Benefits of working with VDP Direct:

  • Unique job control system for quality assurance
  • Robust quality control procedures
  • Intelligent systems & people
  • UK & International services
  • Royal Mail accredited mailing house
  • Postage savings 

Magazines & Journals

If you are a publisher of magazines or journals, then you’ve come to the right mailing house. We provide mailing solutions for publishers and printers for distribution in the UK & Overseas.

As an alternative to traditional direct mail using envelopes we can provide automated polywrapping & addressing. Our polywrapping lines are equipped with:

  • Online inkjet addressing
  • Carrier-sheet insertion
  • Capacity for up to 10 inserts
  • Selective insertion of 3 inserts
  • A covermounter
  • Strapper
  • Missing product and double sheet detectors

Whatever fulfilment your job requires, we are a mailing house that can automate the process:

Royal Mail’s Publishing Mail

Do you need to get thousands of magazines into the hands of your subscribers throughout the year?

Do you need a distribution service that’s rapid, reliable and cost effective?

We are a mailing house that understands exactly what’s at stake. Royal Mail’s Publishing Mail is the specialist service for frequent publishers of magazines (including newsletters, journals and periodicals)

It will meet your requirements if you publish any of these magazines in high volumes:

  • Business information magazines for a trade audience
  • General leisure and special interest magazines for consumers
  • Customer loyalty magazines published on behalf of various organisations

We will sort and present your publications to Royal Mail as items that are ready to be mailed. You’ll find that the more detailed the sorting we do for Royal Mail, the more savings we can offer you on your mailing.

We can offer you the lowest postage rates

We can help you reduce you postage costs for both the UK and Overseas by using our bespoke routing and postage optimisation software.

Considerable savings can be made on your postage costs, which often can be the largest single cost element of your mailing budget. As a Royal Mail accredited mailing house, we will give you access to their Bulk Mail Service discounts.

As soon as we know the specification of your mailing piece and have checked out your mailing database, then we can then provide useful advice on how to reduce your costs.

This process allows us to provide you with the most cost effective solution using Royal Mail or Downstream Access Providers or a combination of both.

We can make cost savings on your print budgets

We are a mailing house that can also help you reduce your print and mailing costs by cleansing your database to remove people who have moved or changed address or appear on the deceased register.

So if you can provide us with your customer database for cleansing prior to printing your magazines this will allow you to reduce your print budget by only printing the exact quantity you require.

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