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Recycling and sustainabilityEnvironmental Responsibility

Recycling and sustainability are important issues facing all businesses, especially in the print and mailing business.

We take our direct mail environmental policy responsibilities very seriously and can offer you environmentally friendly options such as vegetable based inks, recycled materials and materials from renewable sources.

We are also able to offer you the choice of biodegradable envelopes and environmentally friendly polywrap.

Sustainable Mail

VDP Direct complies with the requirements of environmentally responsible mailing ‘Sustainable Mail’. This has been designed to help increase the use of environmentally friendly materials in mailing, whilst reducing the amount of mail in the waste system.

We comply with these standards by:

  • Adopting the very best data techniques to avoid waste from poorly targeted mail.
  • Using sustainable materials, processes and suppliers to improve the overall environmental performance of our mailings.
  • Designing mailing items that can be easily collected through local council collections, increasing the potential for mail recipients to recycle, avoiding the use of landfill.

These initiatives help strengthen our long-term commitment to green credentials as well as increasing the levels of recycling and ensure that our mailings are produced in a responsible manner.

Direct Mail Environmental Policy

VDP Direct is committed to environmental best practice throughout our operations as a mailing house. We re-cycle all paper, board, plastic, wooden pallets and electrical equipment.

The company’s objective is to continually search for ways to improve materials and energy efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact of our production systems.

We continuously monitor and control the environmental impact of our print and production processes to keep the impact as low as technically possible.

We also encourage our suppliers to pursue the best environmental practice and our purchasing policy gives preference to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment.

We continue to reduce electricity consumption and incorporate long term strategies for energy efficiency into or planning and development.

The company complies fully with environmental legislation and is committed to continuously reviewing our direct mail environmental policy to maintain best practice.

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