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Market Sectors in Direct mail

With customers from almost all market sectors in direct mail, we can meet any mailing challenges we’re tasked with.

Our core skills can be applied to any area of business, but particular market sectors in direct mail
require particular solutions. 

Here are some examples of the market sectors in direct mail where we have in-depth knowledge and strong expertise:

Agencies & Printers 

We work in partnership with many marketing agencies and printers helping them to provide a complete mailing solution for their clients.

We work with:

Working in partnership with VDP Direct will give your company a definite edge over your competitors.

Our experienced client account management team will offer added value to your client proposals. We can work in the background or assist you at the quotation stage.

Before you go ahead with the design of your mailing piece, talk to our experienced people first. We will offer you useful advice for the best print & finishing processes for your work. 

  • Paper stocks
  • Inks
  • Personalisation
  • Overprinting
  • Finishing

Then you can tailor your designs accordingly then sit back and leave the rest to us. 

We can also help you save money on postage 

Postage can often be the single costliest element of a mailing campaign, so saving even just a few pennies per item can soon add up to a significant overall reduction in your campaign costs. 

We send hundreds of thousands of items through Royal Mail every week and our close working relationship ensures that we can achieve the best prices and best service for your mail. 

We can offer you considerable postage savings in return for us undertaking some of the work involved in sorting and processing mail that is normally performed by Royal Mail. 

We’ll help you decide how much sorting and presentation we should carry out to take advantage of the highest savings possible to reduce your mailing costs.

“We are a partner you can rely on”

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