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Security & AccessSecure Premises

We are located in a fully self-contained yard with 2.1m steel palisade fencing throughout.The external perimeter has automated electronic gates which can be coded for one time use for secure out-of-hours access. 

The warehouse and office buildings are fully alarmed with BT
Redcare protection which offers the most secure form of alarm signalling available. The result is continuous protection, every second of the day, every day of the year. 

The two main access areas to the premises are both controlled from within the building.  Our main reception requires buzzer activation entry as does our goods-in roller shutter door.  

Our secure shutter doors are time controlled to automatically close in the event they are left open for more than 60 seconds. 

We have a secondary secure section attached to our warehouse which requires key access only available once inside the primary building. 

Security training and awareness is carried out as part of the employee’s primary induction to the company.  Security is tied to both company policy and each individual’s contract of employment.

Confidentiality & Back-up

Data Security

Confidentiality agreements are tied to company policy.This again is backed by the terms of the contract of employment for each individual. 

In cases of specific agreements that may contain terms relating to employees the employees in question are advised of their obligations under the agreement as an employee of the company. 

We take the confidentiality of our client data very seriously, so all direct mail data handling is carried out under the terms of The Data Protection Act.
Client data is always kept secure and is never divulged to third parties.  

We have an extensive equipment and system back-up and protection plans in place in case of any short term or long term failures. 

VDP Direct are insured for all losses as well as business interruption costs allowing us to maintain our pricing policy even in the event that a third party supplier may charge us more than our outgoing rates. 

We have built a reputation as a company who can be relied upon. It’s through this ethic that we have obtained many reputed clients over the past five years.  

“These companies deal with us for a reason”

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