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Why we stand out from the crowd…VDP Stand Out

Mailing houses don’t all operate in the same way, so what is it about VDP Direct that makes us and our mailing solutions distinctive and different to our rivals?

Here are 10 reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

Our reputation

We have built a reputation as a company that always delivers on time and on budget. It’s through this ethic that we have obtained many reputed clients over the past five years.

“These companies deal with us for a reason”

 Our professional project management

Coordinating multiple marketing channels, managing database matrixes or personalising your message with variable data may seem overwhelmingly complicated. With our stringent quality assurance protocols it’s extremely simple.

“So no errors or insomnia” 

 Our expertise

We thrive on transforming your intricate marketing challenges into streamlined, repeatable systems. Whether a single campaign or a complex, ongoing programme, we’ve probably already engineered an efficient process for developing and executing it.

“You can relax and leave the hard work to us” 

Our customer service

All our customer’s requirements are dealt with under one roof. Using our innovative online job tracking system and working towards one clear goal:

“Completing your project exactly to the standards you expect”

Our precision

It’s our passion for precision that drives us to continually develop our systems and technologies to provide optimum performance for our clients.

“We thrive in simplifying your complex challenges”

Our people

Central to our ability to help clients reach their goals is our unique cultural makeup; our beliefs, our passion and our character. We’re a friendly bunch of people who believe in the personal touch.

“Our people are your greatest asset”

Our versatility

Our approach to client’s work is both ingenious & inventive. This makes us more than capable of creating mailing solutions to the most challenging of briefs.

“We will respond with fresh ideas”

Our flexibility

At VDP Direct, flexibility is a rigid guideline. Because everything we do is done in-house, as soon as we’re made aware of any new requirements;

“We can change or adjust your project at very short notice”

Our systematic innovation

Our progressive nature ensures that as markets and systems evolve, our clients will have the most effective technology working for them. Many of our brightest innovations date back to a client’s need that no one could solve….until we did.

“We will provide you with the best mailing solutions”

Our reliability

Because our client’s business challenges don’t all look the same, we plan to be reliable yet spontaneous, knowing that the most effective solution may be one that hasn’t been invented….yet.

We are a partner you can rely on”

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