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Successful Direct Mail uses the Value Proposition 

For a successful direct mail campaign, you need to develop a winning “value proposition” 

To do this you need to first think about why customers might buy from you. These reasons typically fall into three headings: 


Resonance is all about cutting through the never-ending chatter of the marketplace and speaking to prospect needs and wants. A buyer must quickly understand how to fit you into the “how can they help me” scenario or they will move on. 

You have one chance to capture someone’s attention, so avoid describing what you do or the tasks you perform. To resonate, make it all about them, and speak to the needs of the marketplace. 

Be straightforward, clear, and concise. It’s not time to get cute with clever language as you want to be quickly understood. 


You want buyers to see you as the best possible option in your market sector. Your area of distinction may be many things: your products and services, customer experiences, operations, point of view, or even the way you are structured. 

As you work to distinguish yourself, be sure to position yourself as the best possible resource for solving the prospect’s need.

 This may lead to different areas of distinction for different prospects, so don’t think in terms of just one differentiator. Think of the prospect first and how what you do and how you do it benefits them. 


You made the claim; now it’s time to show your cards and prove you’re not bluffing. 

Prospects are inherently skeptical, so take them through a case study, show them research you’ve published, schedule a demonstration, or discuss likely results based on work you’ve done with similar customers. 

Proof mitigates risk and erases skepticism, two major obstacles in any sale. 

Unfortunately, many companies spend months, and in some cases years, struggling to develop and refine their two-paragraph value proposition.

 What they don’t realise is that it takes more than a brief statement (or even a paragraph) to capture the market’s attention and convince prospects of their value. 

When you think of a value proposition as the collection of reasons why customers buy from you, you begin to get a sense of what it really takes to truly resonate, differentiate, and substantiate.

 If you structure your conversations to drive interest over time, you don’t need to rely on a canned two-paragraph statement. 

In fact, as you learn more about the prospect, you can use the information gained from each conversation to reinforce your value proposition, working new insights into subsequent conversations. 

When you begin by investigating the underlying reasons why customers choose you, you can then craft key points to use in your conversations. 

If you follow this approach, you will truly understand what constitutes value from the prospect’s perspective, speak to specific needs, stand out from all available options, and deliver proof that you can deliver exactly what is promised.

 This is much more powerful than a canned statement. 

Then you can avoid using  generic messages that sound like everyone else’s!

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