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Royal Mail’s Business Mail

April 2012 saw the launch of Royal Mail’s biggest ever overhaul in the history of bulk mail services in the UK. All of the familiar product names disappeared to be replaced by just five bulk mail products.

The familiar Mailsort products from Royal Mail were replaced by two new Business Mail products; Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail.

Business Mail 1st Class is perfect for businesses or organisations looking to send critical or time-sensitive mail quickly. From last-minute offers to urgent information requests, notifying disruptions to utilities or changes to contract terms – anything where you or you customers need to act fast and rely on a timely delivery.

Business Mail is for every other kind of bulk business mail, such as bills, statements, and other non-publishing or advertising correspondence including membership mailings.

Overview of the changes

Improved delivery speeds:

  • Second class: two working days
  • Economy class: four working days

Lower entry levels on sorted options:

  • 4,000 letters
  • 1,000 large letters

New large letter format

  • Machine readable
  • Sorted and unsorted mail
  • Including a polywrap option

Just two sortation levels:

  • Low Sort (88 ways) – replacing Mailsort 70,120 and 700
  • High Sort (1525 ways) – replacing Mailsort 1400
  • Walksort moves to Business Mail High Sort or Low Sort

How will these changes affect my mailings?

In the long term these changes should be beneficial, but in the short term they will take some getting used to. Especially when you consider that Royal Mail also increased their Bulk Mail tariffs to coincide with the introduction of the new services. So it will not be easy to compare the costs of the old products against the new.

How do I choose the best mailing option?

Fortunately its business as usual here at VDP Direct, as all of our routing and postage optimisation software is built and controlled in-house. So we are always well equipped to deal with any changes taking place.

To get the best solution for your mail, all you have to do is provide us with the normal detailed specification of your mailing and leave the rest to us.

We will then provide you with clear advice and the best options for you to select from.

We are a partner you can rely on!



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