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Advertising Mail

Does your mailing consist mainly of advertising or publicity messages?

When your mailing comprises of a largely uniform message to all recipients, regarding the promotion or sale of your products or services, or you want to encourage donations, or support for a cause – then you could qualify for “Advertising Mail” 

Royal Mail has laid down strict addressing specifications and mail sortation criteria to qualify for this new service. However, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re fully qualified and equipped to help you use Advertising Mail to get the maximum postage savings

Your options

  • A range of delivery speeds to choose from
  • Multistage mailings to include teasers/reminders
  • Five different types of mail formats up to 3000gms in weight
  • Minimum volumes apply to each mail format 

To obtain the very best postage discounts using Advertising Mail, it’s important that your customer data & mail are correctly prepared by a properly qualified mailing house. But you can relax – we have all the necessary data processing skills to achieve this for you. 

Delivery Speeds

  • 1st Class: next working day
  • 2nd Class: two working days
  • Economy: four working days
  • Big Book & Heavyweight: two weeks 

Multistage Mailings

You can add a teaser or reminder to your main campaign to boost your responses and enjoy savings per item. If you’re using the same addresses as your main mailing, you will receive a credit for every 1,000 items you send. 

Mail Formats

  • Letter: up to 100g
  • Large letter: up to 750g
  • Packets: up to 2kg
  • Big Book: 750g – 1.5kg
  • Heavyweight: 750g – 3kg 

Minimum Volumes

  • Unsorted letters: 1,000
  • Unsorted large letters & packets: 250
  • Sorted letters: 4,000
  • Sorted large letters & packets: 1,000
  • Multistage Mailing: 40,000 including teaser/reminder
  • Big Book & Heavyweight: 12,000 

As you can see, Advertising Mail offers a wide & flexible range of options to choose from. As a fully qualified Royal Mail partner who meets their stringent quality assurance processes, you can depend on us to advise you of the best solution. 

Slightly confused by all these options? Then call us for some clear advice!






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