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Our Client Mailing Process

Our Unique Job Control System

Our Proofing Process

Our Quality Assurance

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We are a modern mailing house fully equipped with the most advanced data, printing and handling equipment.

Our progressive nature ensures that as markets and technology evolve, our clients will always have the most effective systems working for them.

We have made significant investment in acquiring & developing the very latest technology in all areas of our business.

Unique job control system 

We take the accuracy of your mailing job very seriously and that’s why we have invested a great deal of time and effort in creating a highly effective job control system to ensure that complete accuracy is maintained at every stage within your mailing.

This is made possible by the transparency provided by the system which is networked throughout our building to every department.

So every single stage of your job can be managed and tracked throughout its entire job cycle. From your initial quote to the final despatch of your mail.  

Client mailing process

To maintain the accuracy of your direct mail we systematically monitor & evaluate each step in your mailing project, ensuring that exacting standards of quality are being attained throughout.

One of the principles included in our direct mail quality assurance is “right first time” and the opportunity for errors in your mail is eliminated using our robust mailing procedures.

It may seem obvious that robust protocols in direct mail production are imperative. But if you were about to embark on commissioning a mailing house, would you know what quality controls to expect?

Some people think that quality control is just a production issue, but quality can be affected at any stage in the client mailing process

Data & IT systems

In order to protect the interests of all customers, we have taken the initiative to create spare Isystems capacity over and above normal operational requirements.

This allows us to handle multiple client jobs simultaneously as well as holding over spare capacity that can absorb fluctuations in client requirements even during peak periods.

Our clients can rest assured that all their mailing projects will be successfully completed even in the unlikely event of short or long term business interruptions as all our software & IT systems have multiple back-up. 

We have the full range of operational software tools that a mailing house would require, as well as some bespoke software we have designed to improve the speed and range of mailing solutions we can offer to our clients. 

“We are a partner you can rely on”

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