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Do you want to improve your customer data to reduce your mailing costs?                   

We understand that accurate & reliable customer data is the single most significant factor that can influence the effectiveness and cost of your direct mail campaign.

That why as soon as you send us your customer data, it will go through an initial data health check to determine what steps can be taken to improve or enhance it.

We will then discuss and agree what data cleansing would be most appropriate for your data then our IT department will run your customer records through our step by step cleansing process:

  • Reformatting data fields to improve accuracy
  • Removing any duplicate records
  • Suppressing unwanted records (MPS & gone aways)
  • Checking your records against Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File verification software (PAF) to update the address & postcode

Taking these simple steps means that we will give you a robust & clean database of reliable customer data.

Get a FREE data health check!

Put us to the test: send us your database and we will give your data a free data health check. This will give you an invaluable appraisal of just how accurate your data is.

Simply send us your data file and we’ll run it through our step-by-step data checking process to highlight any quality issues with your data.

We will then provide a data health check report and an estimated cost for undertaking the cleansing work.

Your database can then be cleansed and its accuracy will reduce your mailing budget by eliminating avoidable wastage of print & postage costs.         

Reliable Customer Data will significantly reduce your wastage and thus your costs!

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