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How professionally will your mailing be processed?

Here is the mailing process you should expect from a professional mailing service provider:

The Proofing Stage

As soon as we receive your mailing specification and customer data, we will produce a proof which will be emailed to you as a PDF for your approval.

The proof will show all personalisation, positioning and formatting for each mailing item whether it be letterheads envelopes, or labels.

What’s more, you will not be charged for any author’s amends!

Your Mailing Materials

Meanwhile, once your mailing materials are delivered to the warehouse, they are counted and entered into the job control system.

Sales/admin dept will confirm correct materials & quantity expected have been delivered and any discrepancy is queried prior to job being started.

We can even email you a proof of the sample enclosing pack showing the contents and insertion order of your mailing piece. Or if you prefer, we can send a live sample pack by courier.

We will also ensure that all formatting and layouts will meet the strict guidelines laid down by Royal Mail and Downstream Access Providers

Print & Personalistation

Now that you mailing piece has been signed-off and your data has been cleansed, the personalisation and printing can commence.

Our high speed printers will personalise your mailing pieces in mono or colour, using inkjet or digital printers.

Every person associated with your job will be constantly tracking your job onscreen, controlling its progress through the print department, to ensure the correct order is maintained for collation and insertion.

Finishing & Fulfillment

Our job control system will then print your job report for the production department clearly indicating the exact collation & insertion order for all your mailing items.

Whatever finishing & fulfillment your job requires; we can automate the process to provide you with perfect results every time.

But if your mail needs the personal touch, our own permanent team of skilled & experienced hand workers will undertake your print finishing & fulfillment.

So you can leave your mailing safely in our hands!


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