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Will you qualify for postage discounts on your mailings?

As soon as we know the specification of your mailing, we’ll run your customer data through our clever routing & postage optimisation software, and then advise you of the best option to use, and the postage savings you can expect.

We send hundreds of thousands of items through Royal Mail every week and our close working relationship ensures that we can achieve the best prices and best service for your mail.

But with five different types of Bulk Mail services each with their own set of specifications, this can offer a bewildering choice of options when using Royal Mail. But you can leave it to us to take you through the details so you can make the right decision.

Then we’ll give you all the support you need to implement your decision and prepare your mail quickly and simply.

VDP Direct has also teamed up with the larger Downstream Access Providers to offer an even more reliable and competitive service for certain types of mailings.

By using these alternative postal companies, ensures that VDP Direct will always find best available discounted service, and that these postage savings can be passed on to our clients.

To obtain the best overall price for an overseas mailing we use a selection of international postal providers, including Royal Mail International contract services.

With our automated overseas postage calculator, we will always ensure you enjoy the best possible postage savings. For international mail, we can also offer an overseas consolidation service using our overseas postal providers.

We will always provide you with the best possible postage savings!

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