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How helpful should a Mailing House be?

Posted on by Peter

So you’ve written a great mailing piece and have a database of your target audience in Excel – so job done!
Careful…..don’t be fooled into thinking that nothing can go wrong once you’ve reached the mailing stage.

You still have a lot at stake at this point so when selecting your mailing house, its important to have your mailing managed by experienced people who can provide you with useful advice on production specifics, data cleansing and how you can save money on your postage.

To avoid any nasty last minute surprises, it’s important to get upfront advice on production specifics like paper stocks and finishing requirements to artwork specification and final production.

We always ensure that all formatting and layouts of our client’s  mail meet the strict guidelines laid down by Royal Mail and Downstream Access Providers. Not only that but we always let our clients know how to take advantage of the best postal tariffs which often save them considerable amounts of money.

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