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Why VDP Direct?

To ensure our clients get the best possible attention and support at all times, VDP Direct operates a totally unique style of client account management

We found we could achieve even higher client service levels by providing our clients with multiple account management cover, rather than the usual single dedicated account manager approach operated by other mailing houses. 

So if your usual contact person at VDP Direct is not available, you have no need to worry about your job being completed on time and to our usual high standards. 

You can speak to anyone within our sales administration department as they will all be totally aware of the exact nature of your job and its progress through our mailing process. 

How would we maintain the accuracy of your mail?

This is made possible by our totally transparent online job control system which is networked throughout our building to every department. 

So every single stage of your job can be managed and tracked throughout its entire production cycle. From your initial quote down to the final despatch of your mail. 

The system operates by using a visual recognition process, whereby a scan of each item in your mailing pack is uploaded and linked together by your unique job reference number.    

This includes everything from your original mailing proofs through to the final mailing pieces and their insertion order. 

Every person associated with processing your job in each department from IT to warehouse will be constantly tracking your job onscreen, controlling its progress to satisfactory completion. 

How would we control the quality of your mail?

Our quality assurance in direct mail is the systematic monitoring and evaluation of each step in our client’s mailing project to ensure that minimum standards of quality are being attained throughout the mailing process.

One of the principles included in our direct mail quality assurance is “right first time”

The opportunity for errors in your mail is eliminated using robust quality control procedures.

Direct mail is a powerful communication tool that, if badly produced, can destroy a company’s reputation.

It’s obvious that quality control in direct mail production is imperative. But if you were about to embark on commissioning a mailing house, would you know what quality controls to expect?

Some people think that quality control is just a production issue, but quality can be affected at every single stage in a mailing house’s process.

Will I get value for money mailing services?

At VDP Direct, it has always been our policy to provide our clients with better value for money services than our rivals, with competitive and sustainable pricing plus “real added value”

When selecting a new mailing house partner, don’t just look at the bottom line. It’s not always just about the lowest price, but the “real added value” that your new supplier can bring to your mailing work. 

It’s worth taking the time to properly evaluate all the cost benefits that may be offered by a new supplier……or not!

We take our customer pricing policy very seriously as we want to make your direct mail budgets go even further. So we have developed a Client Pricing Charter 

 “We are a partner you can rely on”

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