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Direct Mail Quality AssuranceQuality Direct Mail

Our direct mail quality assurance is the systematic monitoring and evaluation of each step in our client’s mailing project to ensure that minimum standards of quality are being attained throughout our client’s mailing process.

One of the principles included in our direct mail quality assurance is “right first time”

The opportunity for errors in your mail is eliminated using robust direct mail quality assurance procedures.

Our quality control

Direct mail is a powerful communication tool that, if badly produced, can destroy a company’s reputation.

It’s obvious that quality control in direct mail production is imperative. But if you were about to embark on commissioning a mailing house, would you know what quality controls to expect?

Some people think that quality control is just a production issue, but quality can be affected at every single stage in a mailing house’s process:

  • Account management
  • Data processing
  • Pre-print proofing
  • Personalisation & printing
  • Finishing

Account management

Your mail pack begins life in our sales administration department. The first check involves us confirming the quote and instructions with you by email. This creates the job control sheet which then goes into our job control system to begin its progress down the line.

Data processing

It's this area that presents the greatest potential for mishaps. Stories circulate about mailings sent with an address line missing, only to be returned as undeliverable.

Our data processing team always ensures our client's data is in standard form, de-duplicated and run against the required suppression lists. The final processed data is checked by our sales administration people before your live data is forwarded to the print department.

Pre-print proofing

While the data is being put into good shape, our attention turns to the mailing pack itself. It's at this stage that we will provide you with a full digital proof for your approval and sign-off.

We will always ask you to sign off this stage to ensure the salutation is correct, the stationery is right and all other data positioning is precise.

Personalisation & printing

Once your mailing pack has been approved, laser printing is often used for personalisation. But whether ink-jetted or laser-printed, it is important to check that all text and images are coming out correctly on the paper.

During the personalisation & printing process, our machine operator ensures that the output is correct by pulling and checking samples at regular intervals.


With the printing done, your mailing moves into the finishing department and onto the folding and finishing machines. If the data processing stage is considered the first crucial checking point, then the enclosing phase is the secon

The enclosing machine operator will ensure that the insertion order of all your mailing items exactly matches the instructions and images shown in the job control system

Sample mailing packs are removed from the enclosing machine at regular intervals to be checked against the job control system.

Our passion for precision

Coordinating multiple marketing channels, managing database matrixes or personalising your message with variable data may seem overwhelmingly complicated. But with our stringent quality assurance protocols it's extremely simple.

"So no errors or insomnia"